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Eris stood there, my whole nest was lit up, and Eris was there, in my home. Why was she here? She solved the mystery herself.
"Hey Ewar, I just wanted to thank you for saving my life, you took a pretty good hit. So… thank you." As soon as she finished she walked by me, stopped parallel to me, and quickly pecked me. (Pecking is the Eagle interpretation of a kiss.)  Dumbstruck, I watched as she walked out and took flight. Stunned, I just sat down on the edge of my nest, and began to ponder why she had done that. She had wanted to thank me, but in my own home?
I continued to wonder…
I woke up in the morning draped over my nest; the position I had slept in caused my back to explode whenever I moved. Unfortunately, I had guard duty today with Equila, meaning I had to stand out on the side of Eagle Mountain in broad daylight, not that I had a problem with that, but it was boring, and unless Eglor passed by, which he usually did, it would be living death.
At least I had been dead and alive together at least once.
The guard duty early on was rather boring, I had to stand up and hold on to the Eglaxxor, the first Eagle weapon ever built. Equila, however, sat down and fell asleep until Eglor arrived. He was the oddest Eagle in the entire tribe, instead of Gold armor like many of us wore; he wore a dark blue jumpsuit and helmet. He was a very scientific Eagle, using primitive rocketry to attack targets from afar. He was also a great distraction when on guard duty, even though he was usually asking for materials or for help, which could get dangerous. This time though, he came by to talk to me and tell me jokes, while I tried to pick his mind about a couple of subjects that I was curious about, including rumors from the lions.
"Well, the best Eagle to ask for that is Eris, she tends to stay near the ground quite a bit more than me, but from what I've heard, they say that full out war is coming." He leaned back and closed his eyes as I took in what he was saying. A full out war? That seemed very possible, as I had already been in combat with the wolves, and I knew Ewald had declared war on the Ravens for the destruction of one of our temples. It was quite possible. After the brief train of thought ran through my mind, I looked at Eglor, and asked him a question.
"Who would you side with?" I asked, wanting to honestly know his opinion.
"Well, I'd go with the Lions, I mean, Prince Laval is going to become King Laval pretty soon, and he's a nice guy. So yeah, Lions." I looked at him with an intentionally stupid look, then gave my opinion.
"I'm in favor of neutrality unless Laval declares war on the ravens and wolves, then they could count on my blade." I said, hefting my axe as I spoke. Eglor opened his beak to speak, until he saw the Eglaxxor.  As he realized what it was, his beak sunk lower. Finally, he managed to speak.
"Is that…" He said, trailing off.
"Yes." I said, holding it out to let him hold it. He reached forward and took it from my hands. Then swung it, causing me to doubt giving it to him. Equila's reaction was much more dramatic. He jerked awake and jumped off the small platform we stood on. He appeared a moment later, flapping his wings to steady himself and float in midair.
"Not funny Eglor, Not funny!" He screeched, glaring at Eglor with a murderous gaze.
"Sorry." Eglor said, hiding a smirk so only I could see it. He gently handed the Eglaxxor back to me. I took it, and held it more securely than before; I now knew I couldn't trust Eglor. In battle he would probably be a good fighter, but if there weren't any nearby enemies, I wouldn't give him a weapon. Snickering, I looked to Equila, who was angrily glaring at Eglor. What Equila did afterward was one of his characteristic attacks.
He dive bombed Eglor.
Eglor dove out of the way as Equila dove towards him, Equila flew by harmlessly, and I rolled from my sitting position to avoid him. I finally decided that I should return the Eglaxxor and eat dinner.
It just wasn't safe out here with an angry Equila.
Dinner was standard fare, speared smoked fish. It suddenly got better when Eris entered, she didn't sit anywhere near me, and my view of her was obscured. As slowly and silently as I could, I moved towards a place where I could watch her. Afterwards, my diner was forgotten as I watched her eat. I knew this was stalker territory, but I didn't care at this point.
How could I make her a friend?

Stalker territory, this is a new thing for me!
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WaveOfFire Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i do that to. your not alone!

we're alone... haha no
jk jk lol
WaveOfFire Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
is anyone else thinking EwarxEris? now that is one good ship Rogon will not like.

Great writing!
authorofsurvival Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015
It is EwarXEris, even though it is kinda awkward.
I actually wrote this long before ErisXRogon  even a lot of the TV Series was a thing, thus I had almost no canonical information.
And Thank you!
WaveOfFire Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
it's still great. maybe this took place before the series took place (but not too much before) :)
authorofsurvival Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015
Around Chapter eight I started incorporating Bats and the rest of season two's stuff, in the end I decided to ignore some of the canon, most of the timeline, and I forged my own path.
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